The Why Wait? Marketing Campaign

A couple of weeks ago, something rather incredible started happening to the folks at Mesinger Jet Sales. The 40-year old brokerage was, one after another, being handed exclusive sales contracts to in-demand business aircraft, all with ferry time only on them, or future delivery dates.

The first one in was a Gulfstream 650 - which they announced on their blog on October 14th. The next day, a couple of Challenger 350's fell into their laps - one had just been delivered and the other has a scheduled April, 2015 delivery date. Three days later, they announced an exclusive on a Global 6000 that had been delivered and now hangared in Bozeman, Montana - a stone's throw from Big Sky, a mountain resort rumoured to be the new go-to for CEOs and Board members.

Then last week, they got the listing for a Legacy 500 - Embraer's soon-to-be released mid-sized business jet, expected to start being delivered in December.

The Mesinger's took a look at all this brand-spanking new inventory that's their's to sell and decided to build a structured marketing campaign around it, called "Why Wait When You Can Have One Now?" Which is not just catchy, but quite true -- if you were to order a G650 today, you probably won't get it before 2017.

Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales' CEO, says they have the kind of inventory they have because of the work they've done and the relationships they've built.

"We have them because of who we are in our industry and what we do in our industry," says Mesinger, who works alongside his accountant wife Sandra and their two sons in the lean, mostly family, business.

"We're very visible in our industry," says Mesinger, "and we're consistent. We write articles and blog, advertise and invest in marketing -- we go to all the major shows."

Mesinger, who is back in his Boulder, Co. office for the first full week since NBAA 2014, says that consistency is something they've worked towards, even when the industry went through the last downturn.

"During the downturn, our goal was to increase our market share. Even though the customers weren't really there, we kept coming into the office and worked diligently on ways to grow our market share." Today, the hard work has paid off. "We really do have a bigger market share than when we went into it."

When asked about what their global perspective looks like, being in Colorado, Mesinger laughs and says, "You're never in the right place!" He says that during the downturn, they also learned about the emerging markets - about China, Russia and the Middle East and although that intel has helped them with their US customers, they've opted to stay with a single office.

"Those emerging markets are real," says Mesinger, "but there's an awful amount of business right here, in the United States."

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