It's What's On the Inside that Counts

"Never judge a book by its cover", the old adage goes, and perhaps the same should be said about business jets. The Jet Aviation Design Studio in Basel, Switzerland, demonstrated just how streamlined, functional and corporately stylish aircraft interiors can be, and submitted their widebody cabin interior designs to the Society of British and International Design, and ended up winning the award for Visualization in the category of Contracts. 

Of course, mid- to widebody interiors offer a great deal of space for an interior architect to begin sketching designs. A Boeing 737 has 1,120 square feet of floor space (104 m2), an Airbus A380 has 5,145 square feet (478 m2) , but a Boeing 787 Dreamliner has 380,000 square feet of interior, which is a great amount of canvas space to fill. To wrap your head around just how big 380,000 square feet is, it's as big as the IKEA store in St. Louis, MO. is going to be when it opens in 2015. 

Jet Aviation's Timeless to Visionary video entry depicts two different interior renderings. The futuristic, clean designs were made with an awareness by Jet Aviations' design team of OEMs moving more and more towards lighter airframes. There are some extremely clever uses of space, like pop-up beverage bars and wrap-around galley pocket doors, and other surprising luxury appointments, such as the fireplace in the living room.

A few things can be learned from Jet Aviation's Design Studio manager, Elisabeth Harvey and her team of designers. First, business aircraft interiors do not have to be dull just because the word "business" is in the phrase. And second, design can be inspiring, intuitive and functional, even in an aircraft.