As Good As Your Last Delivery

Being on the road is sometimes tough - especially when a big family event like Thanksgiving is looming days away and the delivery of an aircraft is imminent - and the principal needs the aircraft for an important event as soon as the last of the leftover turkey sandwiches have been made.

This was the case last week. I was in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Duncan Aviation facility there, and the family was about to converge in Quebec for Canadian Thanksgiving.

As it turned out, there was absolutely nothing to stress about, as this refurbishment went as smooth as silk and the target date was missed by only 1 day - which is seldom seen in business aviation. All the people involved in the makeover of this particular Challenger 604 did an outstanding job turning this caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.

From the paint shop to the designers, to the finishing and upholstery shop, it was team work. The principal had a concept of how the interior of the aircraft should be and the folks at Duncan listened. The execution was nearly perfect, and so was the result.

I got a note in my inbox on Tuesday morning that read, "Hi Guy - I enjoyed my first flight today, we went from coast to coast and everything was perfect!" 

Now that made me feel great!